Updated on November 22, 2022

This website was created to help you find soccer equipment and training videos that can be used alone at home in the yard.

The goal is to take away any guesswork when looking for products or videos that will make time playing soccer in the yard more beneficial and fun.


My name is Luke, and I live in Minnesota with Mallory and our children. This website was created as a resource for our daughter to use.

She decided that after spending many years in gymnastics, she wanted to try something else, like soccer. She played soccer anyway for fun, but never in a real league.

She loved it right away, but quickly realized that kicking a ball around the yard for a while wasn’t really helping her improve much. She wanted to do some of the same drills they did at team practices.

This was hard to do when she didn’t have any equipment, or anyone to practice with.

We needed some gear to get more out of her time playing soccer in the yard.


Any equipment that is recommend on this site is stuff that has been bought and used in our backyard. And we have used a lot of soccer equipment. Some of it is really good. Some of it is crap.

That’s why we can take some of the guesswork out of it for you. The only equipment that is recommend is affordable, works well, and lasts a long time. This stuff has to survive weather, kids, cleats, and more.


The YouTube videos and training drills on this site can all be used by a single person. No family, friends, or teammates are required.

A huge, soccer field sized yard is also not required. Any small yard, or even a nearby park is perfect.

The training drills are good for any soccer player, but beginners especially. There is nothing that is too advanced.

But that doesn’t mean they are easy. There are drills that focus on dribbling, passing, shooting, juggling, footwork, and agility.