Soccer Passing Drills: How to Improve Your Accuracy

Updated on August 27, 2021

These soccer passing drills will improve your accuracy so that you never miss your target. Becoming a great passer requires practice and repetition. When you are training by yourself outside in the yard, it also requires a wall to pass it back.

Soccer Passing Wall Drills

Soccer passing wall drills will help you with your passing and ball control skills. They are not hard to do, and your focus should be on getting in a lot of repetitions so that you develop muscle memory.

Start off easy by standing closer to the wall and going at a steady pace. To make these exercises harder, move farther away from the wall, and pick up the pace by kicking the ball faster.

It can also be helpful to put a sticker or piece of colored tape on the wall to help you visualize the target that you are aiming for.

Soccer Passing Training Video

Soccster put together this video with 12 different wall drills to practice passing with the inside of your foot and with the top of your foot.

YouTube video

Exercises 1-3: Inside Foot

Exercises 1-3 in the training video will have you passing the soccer ball with the inside of your feet. In exercise 1 you will pass the ball with your left foot. In exercise 2 you will pass with your right foot. And in exercise 3 you will alternate each pass with both feet.

When passing with the inside of your feet, remember to keep your standing foot (the foot not kicking the ball) pointed directly at your target. Turn your kicking foot 90 degrees so you can kick the ball with the inside of your shoe.

Follow through with your kicking foot straight toward your target. Don’t stop the ball when comes back off the wall, keep it going at a fast pace.

Exercises 4-6: Top of Foot (Instep)

Exercises 4-6 are like the last ones except now you will practice passing the ball with the top of your feet. Kick it so that it contacts your shoe directly on the laces. These exercises will have you start with your right foot in exercise 4, switch to your left foot in exercise 5, and then alternate to use both feet in exercise 6.

Keep your standing foot pointed at the target. This time point your toes down and keep your ankle locked when kicking the ball. Follow through straight at the target.

Exercises 7-8: Inside Foot Two Touch

In exercises 7-8 you are going to go back to using the inside of your feet, but this time you are going to get 2 touches on the ball. Instead of kicking the ball right back at the wall, now use the inside of you foot to stop it in front of you like you are receiving a pass from another player.

After the ball is stopped in front of you, pass it back to the wall like you did before. Start with your right foot in exercise 7, and then your left foot in exercise 8. Use the same foot stop the ball and then pass it.

Exercise 9: Inside & Top Combo

Exercise 9 is going to combine passing with the insides of your feet and then the top of your feet without stopping.

Alternate the foot that you kick with, and alternate your passing style for this drill. The passing order should go: inside right – inside left – top right – top left. Then repeat.

Exercise 10: Inside Cut, Inside Pass

Exercise 10 is going to get a little bit harder.